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 (Sun.,Oct.19) The update after week #8 is finished.
Regional and state title probabilities are up
for the first time this season.

(Sat., Oct. 18) 
All pages are now updated, through Friday night's in-state games.

(Tues., Oct. 14)
This morning, I have run a new set of 20,000 simulations and
re-posted to all of the website pages based on the results, after accounting
for the South Range/East Palestine and Austintown-Fitch situations.

(Mon., Oct. 13) Thanks to those who informed me about the forfeit by South Range (R19)
to East Palestine (R15).  The Harbin points fallout will affect Regions 11, 15, 19, and 23.
I will post an update to all of these regions in the next day or two.
Thanks also to those who informed me about the cancellation of
Austintown-Fitch's week #8 game against a Canadian opponent.

Oct. 18, 2014 - During Week #8


Team-by-Team Details

Overall Top 50

   R1          Division I           R2   
   R3   R4     Division II      
R5   R6   
     R7   R8     Division III     R9   R10   
   R11   R12     Division IV    R13   R14   
   R15   R16     Division V     R17   R18   
   R19   R20    Division VI    R21   R22   
   R23   R24   Division VII   R25   R26   


Championship Probabilities:

During regular season: Conference

End of regular season: Regional   State
After 2nd round: Updated State

Playoff Projections

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